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It operated successfully until a Prohibition raid, which seized 30 cases of liquor, shut them down in 1923.Even though the judge said they could reopen after a year, they didn't, and, the secret shrimp recipe (which coincidentally contained booze) was never shared.What's more important than the moniker, Smith said, is Mesa's continuing connection with the Cubs and their value in attracting tourism and other business to Mesa."I don't care what they name it, as long as the next piece of dialogue is: Sloan Park, Mesa, Arizona," Smith said. It's all about bringing dollars and business into Mesa."Smith and Brinton spearheaded an election drive that culminated in voters approving construction of the million ballpark, expanded practice facilities and a much larger clubhouse.

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As far as I can tell, everyone did their best to imitate the recipe, rather than change it, which is a glowing tribute to how good the original must have been.

Adjust heat to very gentle simmer and cook about 1 minute.

Remove butter mixture from heat and transfer to a 1-cup measuring container. Place the bread crumbs in a medium bowl, and, 2 tablespoons at a time, add and stir 6 tablespoons from the liquid-y top surface of the butter mixture into the the breadcrumbs.

You can learn ~ How & Why to Make: (French-Style) Breadcrumbs ~ by Clicking into Categories 5 or 15.

To cook the shrimp, place the wine and water in a 4-quart stockpot.

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