Who is megan park dating

The reality star looked the belle of the ball in a stunning dress by Sherri Hill.From the gold pattern, to the chic strapless style and statement full skirt, there was no ignoring the Disney Princess vibes.The TOWIE star, 28, who surprised fans when he started dating Lauren after her return to the show, is said to have reunited with Chloe, 22, with sources claiming they suspected him of being 'in touch with his ex all along'.An onlooker claimed to have spotted Jon and Chloe enjoying a break at a holiday park in Lauren's native Devon together this week, telling The Sun that Chloe's entire family was there.Megan turned heads in her strapless white-and-gold gown which showed off her flawless decolletage following her appearance on the red carpet.

While the tattooed hunk insisted there was nothing romantic going on between them and their friendship is strictly platonic, Megan had questioned why Chloe hadn't called her to give her a 'heads up' about the photos.

The confusing and complex emotions that often come with experiences like Bennington’s are sometimes impossible to articulate, and yet, the singer repeatedly described his feelings in beautiful, heartbreaking, sometimes angry and sometimes therapeutic songs — ones that resonated with millions. There have been so many dark times in my life, and Chester was there through every single one, reminding me that I was never alone. He saved my life, over and over, since I was 13 years old.

It seems while he dealt with his own pain, he helped people around the world make sense of and cope with their own. Even when I had nobody to talk to, nobody who cared enough to ask if I was OK, he was there. Linkin Park, and Chester’s unique, beautiful vocals are a hugely important part of my daily life.

Another TOWIE star at the awards night on Monday was Chloe, who turned heads in her glitzy ensemble and continued to do so following the event.

The glamour model, 34, put on a rambunctious display in a floral dress with semi-sheer panels which allowed her to flaunt her incredibly ample cleavage.

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