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To be notified about any updates to our themes in your Word Press dashboard, you can download and install our GPP Theme Updates plugin.Once an update is released, a notice will appear on your Appearance Themes page, allowing you to update the theme directly from your dashboard.These updates are triggered by Shopify whenever a new version of your theme is released.Note: Major theme updates may still require you to update your theme manually.The theme will appear as unpublished on the Themes page of your dashboard.Now you'll want to open the theme editor for bot unpublished versions of the theme in separate windows (to do this, right click the Customize link next to each theme).However, if this is not case, you can use the file comparison tool Diffchecker to help you remember where you've added custom code. Copy and paste the liquid file that you believe had custom code added to it into the made).For any custom code carried over or future additions made, we recommend adding a comment that is easily searchable.

Select the theme file from your computer and click Upload.

Next, you'll need to migrate any custom code added to your Liquid files.

Ideally, custom code will be documented so you can easily find it.

All apps built by Shopify are supported by Shopify.

If you have not customized your theme's files in other ways, those steps should suffice.

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