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I had a serious relationship with a girl which could turn in to something more.

Although I loved her and would possibly marry her, I never introduced her to my parents, not even mentioned them.

We have a great relationship, he treats me well, we spend lots of time together, etc..

We're in love, but there has been a few problems recently that are kind of throwing me off.

) you need to get your communication and understanding started right now!

Also remember that chances are even if you were living with an american there would be times you wouldn't understand him either! I find Turkish man like a watermelon you are really not able to check its quality from outside ,looking at its skin. I am ashamed of my myself being a Turk reading that story! Hi I just wanted to say that I am British and my boyfriend is Turkish and he couldnt wait for me to meet his family which I did after about 3 weeks of being together..

He is avoiding drama / jealousy (Turkish moms are jealous of their sons' girlfriends) / questioning / lecturing by not telling the family. Its not about culture when introducing girlfriends or boyfriends to their parents.

Don't pressure him and let him be comfortable with the whole situation. Anytime he/she can introduce her/his parents as long as they want.

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My boyfriend has even told me his parents want him to meet a nice American girl (stating a lot of Turkish girls are spoiled, self centered,etc) I even revamped his apartment with little house decor, cleaned it nice for his parents arrival since they were staying with him, and they really respected the fact that I did that.Anytime if he want , he can introduce you to his parents.And its good thing for them upon learning their sons relationship..Hello everyone, Im posting this to really obtain some advice.Im an American girl who has been with a very nice Turkish guy for 7 months. He is from originally from Izmir and has been here in the USA for 5 yrs now.

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