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It is a fundamental requirement that the code bases of the two products be significantly different.Additionally, the vendor must document measures taken to ensure that supply chain risk is no greater than would be the case for products from two different vendors.

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Why not just rename all of our teams the Champions?The Mo A may also reference technology-specific selections for NIAP testing.Interested vendors must complete and submit the CSf C Questionnaire (PDF) for each product.To see the selectable requirements, go to the CSf C Components List and click on the links for IPSec VPN Gateways, IPSec VPN Clients, WLAN Clients, WLAN Access Systems, Certificate Authorities, MDM, SW FDE, Mobile Platforms, SIP Servers and Vo IP Applications. Additional information about NIAP and the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme can be found at Open source components may be listed, provided they have a responsible sponsor, and an NSA-approved plan for, taking a component through Common Criteria evaluation and sustainment of the component. Vendors who wish to have their products eligible as CSf C components of a composed, layered IA solution must build their products in accordance with the applicable US Government approved Protection Profile(s) and submit their product using the Common Criteria Process.

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