Tax consequences of liquidating a 401k

In March of 2017, Shot Spotter was once again down to just million in cash but had debt and current liabilities of million.

By this time, Shot Spotter had never turned a profit and had an accumulated deficit of million.

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A large December fee event will no doubt provide a nice bump up in each of their year end bonuses.

Up to 70% of the alerts were described as that its system puts out, indicating that the higher the number of alerts, the greater the benefit it is providing But as we will see below, the high alert rate itself is actually the biggest problem, because the overwhelming majority of Shot Spotter alerts are nothing more than false alarms.

The data above is the comes in the form of public statements from municipal officials and law enforcement who went on the record to publicly explain why they were abandoning this system after spending huge sums of tax payer money to have it installed.

So far they have made no mention of the concerns I raise below.

Imperial Capital sees 30% upside for Shotspotter Northland Capital Markets Starts Shot Spotter (SSTI) at Outperform Shot Spotter initiated with a Buy at Roth Capital PT Raised to .75 at Imperial Capital on 3Q Report Roth Capital Raises Shot Spotter Inc. (SSTI) Given a .00 Price Target by Imperial Capital Analysts The data against shot spotter is absolutely and overwhelmingly conclusive.

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