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Google uses a number of other factors (not just freshness), such as time spent on the page, CTR, and impressions, to determine the quality of your update, so don’t assume your pages will go up after an update.The first meta description from is great, as it states the problem (being skinny) and the solution (nine muscle gaining tips).

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It’s good for SEO – Search engines love content and especially new content.If the last update done on the forum was 2 years ago, would you trust that company and buy their product knowing that their support is non-existent?Updating is the core action of content marketing – Everybody talks about content marketing these days, many people say it’s the new SEO and this is not far from the truth.Having a website that is updated on a regular basis will also give you fuel for your social media promotions.It’s good for your users – Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier.

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