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They can be simple, low powered guns or high-power rifles developing 30 ft/lb of energy.

In one modern design (Theoben) the coil spring is replaced by a gas strut containing air or nitrogen under pressure.

One system, pioneered by Feinwerkbau in their 300B series of match rifles allows the entire action to slide on a set of rails.

When the gun is fired, the barrel and action are allowed to slide rearward under recoil, while the stock remains motionless.

Single stroke guns have the advantage of being quick to cock, efficient is their use of muscle energy, and having a high degree of consistency from shot to shot.

Multi-stroke pneumatics are generally found more at the lower end of the scale, ranging from around -0 in price, though there are exceptions.

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On firing, a hammer kicks a valve open and releases some or all of the air from the reservoir into the barrel.Powerplants The earliest air arms, dating back to at least the 17th century, used two basic systems which today we’d call ‘precharged pneumatics’ and ‘spring air’ guns.Today there’s a much wider variety, but most if not all bear a strong resemblance to those original types.Today there’s a tremendous variety of air guns available, ranging from spring guns that shoot BBs or pellets at 180 fps to pneumatic guns firing 9 mm (and larger) lead bullets at well over 1200 fps, developing energy well into the .22LR range and beyond.The great majority of modern airguns are powered by springs and fire a .177 or .22 caliber pellet between 5 feet per second, developing energies in the range of 5 to 20 foot pounds.

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