Pau gasol dating reality star

She had planned to be on "Basketball Wives" until Bosh claimed she was infringing on his name by appearing on the show. Dirk's first fiancee turned out to be a fugitive on the run and was jailed on a theft charge. Remember when Howard sued the mother of his child, Royce Reed (the former Orlando Magic dancer famously known for her cat fights on "Basketball Wives" ...

Mathis, the mother of his kids, was dropped from the cast -- or so she claims -- and counter-sued. Soon after she was arrested, she claimed she was pregnant with his kid. even though she was never a basketball wife), for defamation and won? Remember that story about an NBA player getting served child support and custody papers during halftime of one his games? Arenas later sued to try to block Govan from appearing on "Basketball Wives L.

Among the rumors: She cheated on him with his teammate, she had a love child with that teammate, Nash cheated on her with a 22-year-old ...

; born July 6, 1980) is a Spanish professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Four years after getting married, Jason was arrested on a domestic violence charge. According to reports, Parker cheated, making bachelors around the world incredibly happy. But before you get any ideas, know that Rice told Mc Ginniss "it was all done in a respectful way, nothing hurried." That's nice.

They later made up and become lovey-dovey, but seven years later he filed for divorce, claiming "extreme cruelty." It's OK though, their swimsuit photo is still pretty hot. But a day after she gave birth to their third child, he announced they were headed for splitsville.

The Lakers forward was engaged to Govan, but after a dropped domestic violence charge and a postponed wedding, they called it quits.

Govan remains one of the non-basketball wives on VH1's reality show, "Basketball Wives L. Gee, here's a new one: Mathis and Bosh sued each other.

SAN ANTONIO—Dwane Casey played all his cards in an intense summer recruiting battle with the San Antonio Spurs over the services of veteran power forward Pau Gasol.That is the beauty of this program and why it’s the envy of all sports.”POINTS GUARDS: Toronto’s win Sunday over the Lakers established a new scoring record for the Raptors’ all-star backcourt.The 72 points they combined for (41 from Kyle Lowry, 31 from De Mar De Rozan) were the most they had every scored in the same game.“We thought we had him and we didn’t.”Gasol went into Tuesday night’s action averaging 12.4 points and 8.0 rebounds per game in his 16th NBA season.SAME OLD SPURS: How consistent have the San Antonio Spurs been over the years?

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