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Disgusting little company out to screw over the hard working Americans. I have been on short term dissability with Qualcom sedwick CMS and they have not paid me in 1 month. It is there faught because of there new system they say.

There manager Ms Jenny Marathow dosnt even return calls if she exist at all.

For example, Sedgwick is the claims administrator for the AT&T disability plan, but the money to pay benefits, if approved by Sedgwick, comes from AT&T.

For example, Sedgwick purchased a company called Factual Photo.Our site is strictly controlled by over 30 international trade associations and is regarded as one of the world’s most respected historic arts and antiques online communities.In our Antique Silver category, you will find hundreds of fine examples of antique silverware pieces from across the ages, all available to buy right now from our member dealers.It is our goal that your online posting will help educate other claimants across the country that must deal with Sedgwick.We also recommend you review our short articles summarizing lawsuits and court decisions involving Sedgwick.

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