Farmgirl dating

This was used in the cocktail era to serve large batches of martinis. Another friend and I have a tradition at Christmas, the “Vintage Gift Challenge”.Our gifts to each other must be vintage and under .Blendo glass came in a variety of shapes and colors, and featured pitchers, glasses, cocktail shakers and serve ware such as salad sets and cruets. Collectors can find really reasonable prices on pieces at thrift stores, tag sales, and online through Facebook, Etsy, and Ebay.It’s recognizable by the clear glass that “blends” into a rainbow of colors such as blue, orange, yellow, pink and more.That same friend found another piece of the same color for me at Christmas.This piece is a small footed pitcher with a glass stirrer, shaped like a very large brandy snifter.

As an adult, Mom gave them to me as a housewarming present. Mom bought her water goblets in 1964 from Foley’s Department store.The head scarves channel Rosie the riveter who told the world "we can do it." The girls wear little make-up and little jewelry to let their natural beauty shine. We are not just a dairy farm but we are a movement inspiring women all over the world that we can farm.Hello Farmgirls, I hope this find you all well and settling into 2016 with kindness to yourselves and celebration of your accomplishments! It was a big eat-in kitchen, but on holidays we sat in the dining room using tableware reserved for special occasions. Farmers work hard every single day of the year without complaint. If a few dozen cattle can trust the farmer with their lives, surely your date can handle responsibility.

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