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She did not make ,000 bail and was being held at the The fight took place roughly two months after the union delivered its school-climate survey to administrators.

In it, nearly half of the Cheltenham High teachers, 36 of 79, said they did not feel safe walking in the corridors between classes.

as students were leaving homeroom for their first period classes.

Amber Lewis, 18, was charged with aggravated assault and other offenses.

Eure, Helwa, and about a dozen other teachers went to the student meeting, Schwartz said, because teachers are required to monitor student safety, “and their feeling was they didn’t want things to get out of hand.” Afterward, the students marched to a dodge-ball assembly in the high school gym carrying signs reading, “My Voice Will Not Be Silenced,” and “Bring Back My Speaker.” The teachers followed the students to the gym. In two letters sent to parents last week, Sellers said that he canceled the speaker and was not allowing any others for now because of parents’ concerns, and that he was forming a task force to look into the issue.

The two teachers have received blowback before about the Palestinian club, which was started by three students who asked them to supervise, according to Schwartz.

Sa’ed Atshan, a Swarthmore College professor and a Quaker, had been invited to speak Friday by the school’s Peace and Equality in Palestine Club, which formed last April.

Six hours after the club posted its mission statement in September, the school took it down, he said.

Hall also told the club that it had to have a speaker, something not usually required, Schwartz said, saying Hall knew Atshan had been invited.

"It was more like storm trooper fashion.” Late Monday afternoon, the administration released a statement: "As a Quaker school, we have long-standing expectations for all members of our community – especially for our teachers, who have the responsibility of guiding young minds.

There are very real concerns about the conduct of Ariel Eure and Layla Helwa for their disregard of our guiding testimonies, which include community, peace, and integrity.

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