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We have reviewed and enjoyed several Martenero models, and you can read our enthusiastic full review of the Martenero Edgemere watch here to learn more about it.

For this giveaway, the winner will get the model pictured here with the white dial, raised red hour ring, and blue highlights in the hands and chapter ring.

This month is another great giveaway on a Blogto Watch with a chance to win this Martenero Edgemere automatic mechanical watch.

Among the relatively few American watch companies, Martenero is based in New York City and has been offering affordable and design-focused, stylish mechanical watches since around 2014.

Our word angel comes from the Greek angelos, which itself could be considered as a translation of the Hebrew word malakh, meaning messenger, etymology suggesting a being responsible for carrying messages between the human world and some other realm or realms of existence, someone who is an intermediary between down here and up there.

Winged figures can also be found among the icons of ancient Assyria and Babylonia.

But how, exactly, did images of angelic beings find their way into the hearts, minds and iconography of the Sumerian people(s), one asks?

Sumerian society is the oldest society that has left us clear evidence of the use of a winged human motif.

This evidence is in the form of stone carvings, either in the form of three-D statues or relief carvings that provide the illusion of three-dimensionality.

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