Dating a virgo libra cusp man

My dad is Pisces with Leo moon, my sister is Taurus with Leo moon.

I'd say that when interacting with them, I usually don't experience their sun as much as other things in their chart.

However, requiring a man to be ambitious (that is not to be confused with successful) isn't a bad thing.

That means they want a man, that no matter if he continues to fail, he picks himself up and keeps going.

Because I am fully capable of obtaining my own monetary goals, and don't need any man to pay for the extravagant life style I have.

All I care is that you have either this or that and applying with other planets signs. i dont think it has anything to do with power this and that. that doesn't mean he's a Leo though, he's definitely a cancer man. watching his series and how he cares about people that he loves, just the way he is, seems very very virgo but i get that his Gemini gives him a humanitarian flavour which is lovely. (experience with my family members and bff) i think that personally earth signs are also very lovable, they just have a harder time, (generally speaking) because their acts of love is showing you, being there, loyal and support, which is a rock.

Just that if someone says for example, Hitler is an Aries he's not but people can sense Aries in him. or the same with, give you an example, Bodhi Elfman and Jenna Elfman. or like the one i recently found, David Guintoli is a Gemini sun, but he has some cancer energies, so some would say his sun is on the cusp and he is married to a Capricorn woman. I can see why The capricorn woman with aqua and libra in her loves him and appreciates him. air signs help expand your mind,showing understanding and objectivism that we all are here for a bigger plan, in order to help eachother.

so in truth, i'm glad she is able to see other people have different ways of loving.

(that's the one she calls "weird" relationship) i honestly do believe after time people just are too different in their personal life, in what the want out of life.

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