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For more information about the free website, see the Overview of the Free-Access Website for Washington State Appellate Court Opinions.

For more information about precedential (published) opinions, nonprecedential (unpublished) opinions, slip opinions, and the official reports, see Background Information about Washington State's Appellate Court Opinions.

The permanent, official versions of Maine Supreme Judicial Court's opinions are those published in the , 2017-18 Edition, provides updated rules for the citation of Maine legal authorities, including judicial decisions, constitutional provisions, statutory and legislative materials, court rules, treatises, periodicals, and miscellaneous Maine authorities.

Opinions published online since January 2006 are in pdf format.

A slip opinion is not necessarily the court's final written decision.

NOTE: Slip opinions are subject to motions for rehearing and petitions for review prior to issuance of the mandate.

Additionally, nonsubstantive edits (for style, grammar, citation, format, punctuation, etc.) are made before the opinions that have precedential value are published in the official reports of court decisions: the Washington Reports 2d and the Washington Appellate Reports.

An opinion in the official reports replaces the slip opinion as the official opinion of the court.

Before citing a slip opinion, determine that the opinion has become final.

Slip opinions also are subject to modification orders and editorial corrections prior to publication in the official reporters.

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