Amber dating a registered sex offender

The complete NSOPW list of Jurisdictions links users to each participating Jurisdiction’s Web site.

Sex offenders are subject to the registration laws of the Jurisdictions where they work, live, attend school, or were convicted.

Some Jurisdictions require a sex offender’s registration information to remain on the public registry Web site even after they have relocated to another Jurisdiction.

Jurisdictions have their own laws that determine how sex offender information is collected, maintained, and displayed. Department of Justice does not maintain the sex offender information displayed on NSOPW and therefore does not have information to provide.

NSOPW’s advanced search tool provides information about sex offenders through a number of search options: The criteria for searching are limited to what each individual Jurisdiction may provide.

Also, because information is hosted by each Jurisdiction and not by the federal government, search results should be verified by the user in the Jurisdiction where the information is posted.

Specific sex offender information can be found on a Jurisdiction’s Web site.

Make sure that you have spelled the offender’s last name correctly.Each participating Jurisdiction’s Conditions of Use are also included and must be agreed to in order to conduct a search.The program that generates and authorizes the alphanumeric code is called a CAPTCHA, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” The CAPTCHA is used to protect the availability of the Website and to preserve the integrity of the information available through the site.For information on monitoring, tracking, and registration, visit the SMART Office home page.To find additional information about a particular sex offender, you can try contacting registry officials in the Jurisdiction where that offender is registered.

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