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The oldest one was estimated to be 392 years old, give or take 120 years.

Clues to their longevity can be attributed to several factors like their slow growth rate of one-cm per year and slow metabolism.

A study published in 2016 by Daniel Wagner, Papahānaumokuākea research specialist, and his colleague, says that “While not much is known about the lifespan of sponges, some massive species found in shallow waters are estimated to live for more than 2,300 years.” Wagner said that sponges don’t have indicators of age like growth rings, but they can live for thousands of years.

They had discovered a massive glass sponge near Hawaii which they estimate is around 1,000 years old.

The ocean quahog, or Arctica islandica, is basically an edible clam and is found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Unfortunately, it died as a result of being frozen on board before they discovered its age.According to Charles Fisher, professor of Biology at Penn State, an average two-meter-long tubeworm is 170 to 250 years old, taking into account its growth rate over time.But since they often gather tubeworms which are way larger, their average lifespans could, therefore, be much more.However, this is nothing compared to certain animals who live for centuries.Read on to find out more about these awesome, age-defying animals, some of whom have been around since the time of Shakespeare.

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