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f) Seoul-India flights have 40, 30 and 20 kgs as allowance.g) Singapore to India flights via Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai will have free allowance of 40 and 30 kgs for Executive and Economy fliers.i) Singapore to USA (Chicago, New York and Newark) are allowed 2 pcs of 32 kg each in executive (each piece of 158 cm total dimensions) and 2 pcs of 23 kgs each in economy class (each piece of 158 cm and two of 273 cm).Total weight of each bag shall not be more than 32 kgs and 23 kgs respectively for executive and economy class passengers.b) From Australia to other SAARC nations, Economy Class is allowed 30 kgs of free allowance on one-way and return tickets and executive class is allowed 40 kgs.c) From India to Australia, Executive and Economy classes are allowed 40 kgs of free allowance on one way journeys while on return journey, the Executive class travelers are allowed 40 kgs and Economy class ones 30 kgs.

In all classes, infants allowed checked in luggage allowance of 1 pcs of 10 kgs, not exceeding 115 cms in dimensions.a) There is a provision for free checked in baggage allowance of 40 and 30 kgs respectively for Executive and Economy Class of travel on these sectors: India-Dammam, Dammam-India, Bahrain-India, India-Bahrain, Kuwait-India, India-Kuwait, Dubai-India, India-Dubai, Sharjah-India, India-Sharjah, Muscat-India, India-Muscat, Abu dhabi-India, India-Abu Dhabi.For Riyadh-India and Jeddah-India, free checked in baggage allowance is 60, 50 and 40 kgs for First Class, Executive and Economy class respectively whereas for return journeys on these sectors, the free baggage allowance is 50, 40 and 30 kgs respectively for the three classes of travel.Infants are allowed 10 kg check-in baggage allowance on domestic flights economy class travel. Infants are allowed 10 kg check in allowance for international flights.Note: Air Pre-paid Excess Baggage Slabs on Domestic Flights a) For all flights originating from Australia to India, Executive Class is allowed 40 kgs and Economy Class 30 kgs of free baggage on both one way and return journeys.

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